Review: Online Purchase of Treadmill

This post is rather out-of-place from the usual topics I blog about, but I feel like I have to share a review somewhere. Perhaps it may benefit a buyer in the future in making a more informed decision.

So I’ve been wanting to invest in a treadmill for quite some time now, for many of my own reasons but I won’t digress. The budget that I was looking at was below SGD$1000, preferably below $800. There aren’t many gym equipment stores and the ones I’ve come across didn’t have treadmills that met my budget. So I decided to look online.

A/N: I am not paid to promote or bash companies. This is my honest review of the two companies I’ve engaged.


This would probably be the first Google result that comes up. They branched out from (Not to be confused with I couldn’t find reviews of them, but from their site apparently they do events and roadshows. They manufacture their own treadmills and after extensively reading the posts on their site, it seemed like they knew what they were doing. Plus, they had a showroom.

All this was enough to convince me especially since it was so hard to find a treadmill within my budget. The alternative I was considering was this from NutritionPark.

So on 31st May I placed an order for the Charlie One, and opted to pay more for a longer warranty. I got a confirmation e-mail stating that it would be delivered within 3 working days.

I was originally considering to pay using my fiance’s debit card, but they didn’t have the option so I chose Cash on Delivery instead (the alternative was PayPal which we didn’t have). In hindsight we were lucky we haven’t paid anything yet.

On 6th June (i.e. the 4th working day after placing my order) the product has yet to arrive, and nobody has contacted me to arrange a delivery time. So I Whatsapp-ed the number on the site:


Bad first impression by getting my name wrong when he could so easily check the order details.


As seen from the above conversation screenshot, the treadmill I ordered was out of stock (FYI at the current time of writing, on the site it’s still indicated that the Charlie One is in stock and on sale). He offered the Sierra 3 at $740, which is $110 less than the price on the site (at the current time of writing). So I said yes:


After confirming that I wanted the Sierra 3, there was no confirmation text or e-mail from the seller. So the next day I texted him again. The new treadmill would only arrive in 9 days’ time (meaning, 16th June, Thursday). This frustrated me but I said okay; it’s not like I needed it urgently anyway.

He didn’t state it but it seemed like the Sierra 3 was out of stock as well. How odd to suggest me an upgrade from my out-of-stock initial choice, to another out-of-stock product.

Note that no apology has been stated thus far.

On 14th June (Tuesday) I sent him another text to confirm if the product will arrive on the 16th, as promised. I got a response only the next day, saying that it’s not possible.


Who’s Joey?


So I looked for more alternatives. Was surprised I didn’t come across this site initially. They also have a facebook page with many good reviews. So on 16th June I placed an order for the Bodyworx Atlanta S1, choosing Cash on Delivery just to be cautious. At the time of writing, it was on sale so it fit my budget. Their site stated delivery within 4-7 working days. I received a confirmation e-mail, and also a pdf invoice. All good so far.

I had my expectations set pretty low after the previous experience; my friend also shared his bad experience of ordering barbells online so it seemed like it’s a bad idea to order gym equipment in Singapore generally.
On 19th June, a representative from the site, Chen, sent me a text message stating that the treadmill will arrive the next day between 10-12nn. Was pretty surprised to get contacted so soon, and on a Sunday too!

The next day around 11am I got a call from Chen saying that his guys will be arriving in 15 mins. It was cool to have that heads up especially since I need time to cover myself up. #HijabiProblems x:

So the 2 guys arrived, did the installation professionally, and explained to me the basic operation and the maintenance procedures. Also gave advice. Overall they were really nice and friendly. Above all else, the product arrived only within 2 working days. Definitely impressed with the service.

Product-wise, it would be unfair for me to give a thorough review now, since I’ve only had it for one day and I’ve used it only once. But so far I’m satisfied with it; the controls and functions are what you’re used to from the public gyms, and it also comes with speakers and a jack to play music from your phone, etc.

On the youtube review shown on the site, this treadmill may look like mini-version beside it’s bigger counterpart, but don’t be fooled. It takes up quite some space in any room and I’d say it looks even more robust than the usual treadmills in the public gyms. Pretty impressive considering the price I paid.

Thank you gymsportz!


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