Siti Aisyah | Singapore

Twitter: @billaBangs

This is an outlet for my thoughts about Islam, a record for new things I’ve learnt, rants about anything and everything under the sun, and my wedding preparations.

I do not claim expertise in Islam nor in any of the topics I blog about; unless specifically stated, the contents of this blog are products of my own opinion or my fiancé’s. These opinions are formed from attending talks & lectures by some asatizah, as well as contents we read from the internet and books. Please do not quote our opinions as official rulings. If needed, I implore you to verify any facts stated before adopting or sharing.

We are all still learning. If you spot any factual errors please don’t hesitate to comment! That is one of the main objectives why I started this – to put my thoughts out there, be corrected when wrong, and learn more. This blog is part of my learning process.

If you disagree with my opinions, similarly, comment as well. I cherish fruitful discussions and debates.

Any other comments/ critiques, anonymous or otherwise, are welcomed. Please remember the number one requirement in giving advice: to do so with adab (good manners). Any comments not done with adab are considered as just spewing hate and I am under no obligation to reply to you.

If you wish to comment anonymously, you may leave fields such as Name and Contact to be blank or ‘anon’.

NOTE: The contents of this blog, unless specifically stated, are a product of our own original opinions & thoughts recorded in a tangible form. This makes them eligible to be protected under copyright. Before reproducing any material from this blog that are owned by us, please include the link to this blog or request for permission. Thank you!


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