First Post!

So I started this blog as an outlet for all my thoughts and to record new things I’ve learnt. I’ve been doing this on twitter but the mere 140 characters have not been enough & my friends are probably sick of my floods by now.

It doesn’t really matter to me if nobody reads this – sometimes you just need an outlet for all your thoughts because keeping them in can be toxic for you.

Here are some topics that I’ve had some thorough discussion of with my fiancé. I would like to share our discussions on this blog and hopefully I’ll be able to post them within the next few weeks or so:

Off the top of my head –

  • Free Will vs Divine Will
  • Can the multi-verse theory fit into Islam?
  • Our crazy theory: Time is a spatial dimension in God’s realm
  • “Relationship Goals” and my reasons for “marrying young”
  • My journey & why I started to pray
  • Tawheed: Beyond the belief in one God
  • A Muslim’s view on the LGBT issue in Singapore
  • “Hijabi Fashion”: A paradox?
  • Singapore as a multi-religious society: the silent oppression of our religion
  • Giving advice vs being judgemental
  • A Muslim’s view on feminism
  • The art of happiness & thinking positively
  • The importance of seeking knowledge

Apart from that, since we’re getting married (in about 14 months, insya’Allah) I’ll also be blogging about wedding preparations and vendor reviews, if it helps my fellow bride-to-be sisters. I know how tough it is to make decisions for your wedding!