Our Wedding Vendors, Reviewed

It’s been over a month since our big day, thus this post is long overdue. I’ve been adjusting to my new role as a wife, and my first full-time job post-graduation.

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Henna for Weddings – an Islamic Perspective

This short post will in’shaa Allah be part of a series of blog posts where I cover common cultural practices for weddings (in Singapore and Malaysia) through an Islamic lens, detailing the majority opinions regarding the permissibility of each practice.

A/N: All the content is based on my own research throughout my own wedding preparation. I am by no means an expert on Islamic rulings. Any corrections will be greatly appreciated.

Upholding our culture is important. However, we must be careful of certain practices that are contradictory with our Islamic beliefs. Applying henna for weddings has been commonly seen as mustahabb (encouraged) in our religion, but this is not always the case. In fact, there are some cases whereby applying and displaying the henna is haram (prohibited).

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